Auto Garage Invoice Software

TurboGarage's auto garage invoice software system has a highly dynamic view for displaying shop ticket information. The view can toggle between both a mobile and PC-style view, depending on your screen size. For the PC view, four distinct sections are shown. Sliding controls allow the user to customize how they want to see the information presented. For example, for a ticket with a large number of jobs and items, the user may want to expand the lower section so they can work with the items when they are approving or disapproving work. This entire view is designed to be dynamic and fast since this is the area where a TurboGarage user will be spending a lot of time.

Auto garage invoice software main view
Auto garage invoice software repair order info

TurboGarage's ticket information edit window allows a shop owner or service writer to specify key details of a ticket at the click of a button. You are presented with some basic information regarding the ticket number, vehicle info, and customer data. You are given the option to specify whether or not the vehicle was towed into the shop, which technician will be working on the vehicle, and certain date information that is relevant to the vehicle.

Whether your customer is a person, a company, and/or a fleet, our customer editor allows for a quick and easy way to update their information. Tracking customer's is one of the most important aspects of an auto garage invoice software system and TurboGarage has you covered in this case. Using this dynamic view, you are also able to manage the customer's communication preferences - for example, whether or not they consent to receiving text messages on their mobile device or emails.

Auto garage invoice software customer edit
Auto garage invoice software vehicle edit

When you have a ticket open, you are able to manage the settings for the currently selected vehicle. Other than the typical details such as year, make, and model, you are also able to select vehicles from your recent scan list, as well as look up vehicle details directly using a VIN number or a valid US license plate number.

TurboGarage features a fully customizable canned jobs system. Out of the box, we provide multiple jobs. If you create a custom job on a ticket, you are able to save it as a template for later use. At any time, you can go to our built in administrative tool and make your own custom edits to your list of canned jobs. This is just another way that TurboGarage's auto garage invoice software system works for you

Auto garage invoice software canned jobs
Auto garage invoice software inventory items

Adding inventory items to an estimate, repair order, or an invoice is easy using TurboGarage's innovative user interface. A shop owner is able to use the built-in administrative tool to manage their shop's inventory items.

Using the TurboGarage mobile application available for both Android and iOS, users are able to take pictures of vehicles to help better communicate to a customer what is wrong with their vehicle. This technology has proven to increase conversion rates.

Auto garage invoice software - clean and easy to read pdf invoice for download or print

Using TurboGarage's interface, any estimate, repair order, or invoice can be printed and/or downloaded to a neatly-formatted PDF document. This document can be saved, printed, or sent directly to a customer via text message or email. This technology provides a clear and easy way to communicate repair order information with a customer. Customers can quickly view estimated repair costs and reply to the shop directly via email and/or text message.

TurboGarage utilizes an integration with PartsTech, the industry leading cloud-based, one-stop online parts search engine. Using this integration as part of our auto garage invoice software, you can order parts from all your favorite suppliers with the click of a button. The vehicle information from the repair order is automatically transferred to PartsTech and the parts you see are filtered for the selected vehicle.

Auto garage invoice software - PartsTech integration
Auto garage invoice software - tires from PartsTech order

Using TurboGarage's auto garage invoice software, you can also order tires using the easy-to-use PartsTech user interface.